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2020 Outperformance Carries Current and Future Risk

January 9, 2021 [Center News Story]

What are the most pressing risks for companies that exceeded financial performance …

Diversity Shareholder Proposals Test Company Boundaries

January 9, 2021 [Center News Story]

Diversity and inclusion will be the name of the game for shareholder proposals in 2021, as …

Glass Lewis and ISS Skeptical of COVID-19 Compensation Changes

January 9, 2021 [Center News Story]

The two largest US proxy advisory firms have issued guidance on their newest proxy voting …

IRS Issues Final Guidance on 162(m)

January 9, 2021 [Center News Story]

The IRS issued final regulations on Sec. 162(m) which were originally proposed in December …

Arjuna Capital, NYC Comptroller Step Up Pressure on Diversity and Pay Equity Disclosures

December 12, 2020 [Center News Story]

Tech giant Adobe has agreed to provide median gender pay gap disclosures requested by a 2021 …

Directors Question Link Between Board Tenure, Refreshment and Performance

December 12, 2020 [Center News Story]

Nearly half (46%) of directors believe at least one member of their boards should be …

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